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Hello players , 

we want your opinion as you may know the final addition in our donate list will be the passive augment skill. Before before proceeding with this addition we want your honest opinion. 

Passive augment skill will cost 50 donation coins and this will boost servers economy ( many players will buy / sell donation coins ). The question is should we open them soon or should we wait some more time?

Should We Open Passive Augment Donates Soon?

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  • If you open donation on augments, people will start leaving. Newbies cause of disbalance and others gonna reach end game quickly, cause its one of the late game goals.

    • Hello nebus , thanks for yours honest opinion .
      thats why we made this vote poll. as everyone can see this is not going to happen as players vote no.

      We always hear our community and if this is players choice we are more than happy to accept it.

  • you need to put bews/beas in mafia boxes or somewhere else as drop. they are too expensive from gm shop. pls think about it

  • don’t do it, this boost economy anyway because people buy life stones… if u open for donation, then everyone gets it and the balance will go to hell.

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