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Stream Our Lineage2 Server And Get Rewarded

Hello players ,

you can now have the chance to stream our lineage2 interlude server and get 5 donation coins for every 4 hours streaming. What you have to do?

  1. Register your stream link by contacting l2mafia team  Contact Methods
  2. Every time you start streaming send a message to l2mafia team saying : stream started – stream link
  3. After 4 hours streaming send a message to l2mafia team saying stream ended – stream link
  4. Steamed video must remain on your channel at leat 24 hours!
  5. Gm will give you your rewards
  • You can max take 5 donation coins per day
  • You can take max 20 donation coins per week
  • Stream must be showing active game play and not just sitting afk

All live streams will be available in our home page – https://www.l2mafia.net/ so players can watch them!

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