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Hello players,

Refined rb jewels are now available and you can upgrade your existing raidboss jewels.

Extra Stats Of Refined Jewels:

Refined Valakas: Normal Stats+  600 hp , 2% p attack , 4% mattack, 5% reuse ,5% , extra mc rate ,reflect damage , 20% sleep resist 

Refined Baium: Normal Stats + 3% attack speed  / casting speed ,3% critical damage,20% poison resist,20% root resist

Refined Antharas: Normal Stats + 15% stun resist, 15% bluff resist , 15% gain hp , 10% absorb damage

Refined Zaken: Normal Stats + 15% stun resist, 10% bluff resist , 10% gain hp , 5% absorb damage

Refined Ant Queen: Normal Stats + 4% critical damage + 20% root resist.

Items Needed To Obtain Refined Jewels:

Norma Rb Jewels

30 Event Medals

200 Spoil Coins 

10 Red Seal Stones

10 Green Seal Stones

10 Blue Seal Stones

Where To Find Seal Stones:

Every Boss On Ketra Drops 1 Seal Stone For Last Hit And One For Most Damage.

Mobs At Spoil Zone Have 5% Chance To Drop 1 Seal Stone.

  • Every kind of mob/rb drops only one specific seal stone.

Also auction fee for augment items reduced to 5 Donate Coins.

New maps coming the following days along with more updates!


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