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Hello dear players, 

In this post i will try to provide you some critical information about our olympiad sytem.

-Same Faction Matches Will Be Available. ( like a normal server ).

-Olympiad Cycle Will Be One Week .

-Olympiad Games Will Be Only Class Based. ( this is the most balanced way to play Olympiad )

-In Every Win You Will Receive Gate Pass Items ( you can use to shop some items )

-Your Points Will Be Traded Only For 1 Gate Pass ( that means points are only important to be the best of your class and win the hero, not for Gate Pass)

-Olympiad Will Be Active 4 Hours . From 20:00 Gmt +2 To 24:00 Gmt +2.

-You Need Noble Status To Participate . ( you can become a noble with adenas, or drop from lucky boss , or custom events ) 


Lineage2 Mafia Interlude Faction Server. 


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