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L2mafia interlude lineage2 faciton server


Hello folks, 

Another post about our Lineage2 Interlude Faction server [Koofs Vs Noobs]. In this post we will give you some information about our unique respawn system .

To begin with we should inform you that all our maps have 8 spawns. (some maps have common spots , some maps have 4 spots for koofs 4 spots for noobs )

-To Village: [Teleports You Back To Your Faction Village As Usual]

-Random Respawn: With this button your character will automatically respawn inside the current pvp zone choosing randomly one of the eight spawns. But thats not all, our lineage2 server will check the spawn status and teleport you to a “safe” spot. That means if a spawn is full of enemy faction server wont spawn you there , instead it will choose another more “safe” spawn.

*Also some maps will have 1-30 seconds respawn delay , Depending on the online number and the map objectives.


more info about the teleport system coming soon.

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