10th of March!!

The legendary faction server, that everyone was waiting for, is back!

Server Features

We present some of our new functions added in our server!

1 PvP = 1 Adena

Kill the enemy faction
and obtain adena as a
reward for your bravery.

Click the "Read more"
button for a more
detailed explanation.


Unique Maps

We've added NEW unique maps to enchance your gameplay experience.

Four maps, rotating every hour, that you will see only in L2Mafia for the first time.


Support Classes

We plan on making Support Classes playable as well.

You will be able to use Healers and Tanks and get rewarded.


Respawn System

We've added a totally new option in our server.

You will now be able to use "Random Respawn" button
so you don't have to teleport back to your base
everytime your character dies.


Custom Gear

Everyone starts with B-Grade Armors and Weapons,
but you can PvP and gear up to Dynasty Armors and Weapons.

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