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Hello beloved players, 

The purpose of this post is to announce you our payout event for the top 20 pvp players. ( 10 Players for each faction )

The event will run for 15 days, will start at 12-01-2019 20:00 Gmt+2 and it will finish at 27-01-2019 23:59 Gmt +2.

Position Koof Faction Prize Noob Faction Prize
1st 70 Euro 70 Euro
2nd 50  Euro 50   Euro
3rd 30   Euro 30   Euro
4th 35   Donation Coins 30   Donation Coins
5th 20   Donation Coins 20   Donation Coins
  • All players from rank 6 to rank 10 will get 10 donation coins
  • After 15 days new payout event will announced

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