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Hello players , 

The time is near and i am here to announce you a new fun event zone. The Spoil Zone. I will give you some fast informations about this zone:

-Only Spoilers ( Fortune Seekers ) Can Join. (Base Class Or SubClass Doesn’t Matter)

-Zone Opens 4 Times A Day For 20 Minutes Every Time.

-All Players Have Female Dwarf  Appearance When They Join To Make It More Enjoyable. ( Imagine An Area Full Of Dwarfs For PvE And PvP )

-This Zone Have Some Nice Drops Available With Spoil-Sweep ( Not Normal Drops ).  The Drops Are: CP Potions – Auto CP Potions , LifeStones  And Crystal Scrolls. 

-Both Factions Join The Same Zone , So We Will Have  A Lot PvP Action Too.

I Hope You Will Enjoy It , As It Will Be A Vital Zone For Yours GamePlay.


Full Server Info:

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