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Hello folks,

In this post we will try to give you a clue on how our adena system will work in our faction lineage2 server.

The basic factor is: 1 PVP = 3 adena.

But as the server progress and since the main and only currency is adena this system is totaly unfair for new players. In order to make things better and provide a fair pvp expirience for both old and new players we have added the following system:

New Equipment Depended PvP Reward:

This new reward system will totaly boost our servers duration and give a chance to new players start playing in our faction server. Its very hard to explain all the complicated algorithms developed behind this system but in general when a low equipment player kills a high equipment player it will gain more adena than the minimum reward of 3 adenas. For example a full b grade player kills a full a grade player , instead of taking 3 adenas wich is the standard reward he will receive 6 adenas, on the other hand if a full A grade player kill a full b grade player will take the standard reward of 3 adenas. Our system calculates all aspects for equipment grade to equipment enchantment and not only.

This system will totaly fill the gap between old and new players but you will still need to have some “fingers” 🙂

Support Classes:

But what about support  classes ? ( Healers and Tanks )

In order to help support classes be competitive we have completely reworked the party system.

Party By Turn: No matter who makes the pvp kill the adena will be rewarded to one by one party player every time .

Party Random Loot: No matter who makes the pvp kill the adena will be rewarded randomly to one party member.

Finders Keepers: The One that makes the pvp kill takes the adena ( like playing solo ).


  • All support classes have 20% Chance to get +1 pvp kill whenever their party kills someone . 
  • All support classes take kill assist for every pvp kill their party makes.


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