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Hello players , 

Since only 13 days left for Ken Orwen’s opening we reveal some interesting in game aspects. Our lineage2 server will have a unique enchant system in order to provide the  necessary fun and suspense to your gameplay.

Normal Scrolls:

Enchant Rate: 90%

Max Enchant: +20

Safe Enchant: +6

On Failure: weapon crystallization

Purpose: normal scrolls are easy to obtain and its the best choice in order to enchant you common S grade equipment up to +20!

Warning! Please take care enchanting dynasty equipment or epic jewels , in case of possible failure item will be destroyed!

Blessed Scrolls:

Enchant Rate: 100%

Max Enchant: +20

Safe Enchant: +20

Purpose: blessed scrolls are 20 times more difficult to obtain than normal scrolls, but is the best choice to enchant your top equipment ( Dynasty Items, Epics ) up to +20 cause there is no risk of item crystallization!

Crystal Scrolls:

Enchant Rate: 70%

Max Enchant: +25

Minimum Enchant To Use: +20

On Failure: weapon goes back to +18

Purpose: crystal scrolls are hard to obtain but they are the only way to enchant your weapon from +20 to +25.

Infinity Scrolls:

Enchant Rate: 5%

Max Enchant: Progressive

Minimum Enchant To Use: +25

On Failure: Weapon maintains the current enchant.

Purpose: infinity scrolls are insane to obtain , and they have a minimal chance to enchant your equipment over the max available. Its a feature to give an extra goal to players that have successfully reached the “full build” and want to achieve something more even it is extremely hard. It will also help to maintain the server interest for a long time. 

*Even it will be really hard to enchant with infinity scrolls , we will start with some small enchant cap for example +27 ( in order to be sure that we will maintain balance ) and we will increase it over the time depending on the server progress.



  • i dont really like that system, i remember the old ken orwen +30 max with 70% normal rate. that was great, if you think 30 is too much you could make it max 25 and 70% till +20 and then only with blessed 60% or crystall 100% till 25. or something liek that.. 90 is too easy

  • well i think the goal was to have almost everyone to +25 but its the infinity scrolls that will define the weapons.

    • Thats exactly the goal to have almost everything +25 , but infinity scrolls be a nice painting on the gameplay. Enchant scrolls will be enabled after a week and the max enchant will be increased according to server progress.

  • That my sir is an awesome idea!

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