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Please Choose Your Donation Method:


paygol donation

For other donation methods please Contact Us.

Donation Rewards:

1 Euro = 1 Donation Coin 

10 Euro = 20 Donation Coins 

25 Euro = 50 Donation Coins 

50 Euro =  100 Donation Coins

100 Euro = 200 Donation Coins 



What Do I Get With Donation Coins?: 


ken orwen donate

*Any updates on donate list will be posted here.

Price List:

Vip Accounts Provide Plenty Of Skins To Use And x2 PvP Rewawrds And x2 Mafia Boxes +20 % Adena Bonus

(mafia boxes rewarded every day to all players at 21:00 gmt+3 vip players take x2)

  • Vip Account 7 Days = 5 Donattion Coins
  • Vip Account 15 Days = 10 Donattion Coins
  • Vip Account 30 Days = 15 Donattion Coins


vip panel l2mafia


  • Hero 7 Days = 10 Donattion Coins
  • Hero 15 Days = 20 Donattion Coins
  • Hero 30 Days = 30 Donattion Coins


  • tattoo = 5 Donation Coins
  • Noblesse = 10 Donattion Coins


  • Clan Level 8 = 10 Donattion Coins
  • Clan Skills = 10 Donattion Coins
  • Clan Points = 5 Donattion Coins


  • Rename = 10 Donattion Coins
  • Rebase = 10 Donattion Coins
  • Resex = 5 Donattion Coins
  • Title Color = 10 Donattion Coins


  • Domi Sub = 10 Donattion Coins
  • Extra Sub Slot = 10 Donattion Coins
  • Passive Augment Skill 5 Donattion Coins  Per Level






*We DONT provide items donate to maintain server balance and good economy, but instead players will be able to sell their spare items on our Auction House for donation coins. That means both donators and non donators can benefit from that. ( Donators can obtain parts, non donators can gain donate coins )


Donation Agreement:

1. I fully understand words “DONATION”, “VOLUNTARY” and “NOT REFUNDABLE”.

2. I VOLUNTARILY DONATE to and I know that my donation is NOT REFUNDABLE.

3. I know that I won’t get any special treatment.

4. I know that I have to send a donation claim email, so I won’t bitch on FORUM/In-Game about not receiving donations.

5. I know that if I won’t send donation claim email I won’t receive anything.

In order to keep the server up and running we need your Support!
By submitting donation to our server, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from us, though rewards will be given to those who have donated as a thank you for your support. This form of donation is completely voluntary and it is used to improve services.

By submitting a donation via Paysafe / Paypal  / Moneysafecard you agree to the terms presented in the following statements:

a) You will not attempt to revoke your donation.
b) You understand that this a voluntary donation and it is not
refundable or disputable at any time or any reason.

Being a donator does not give you any privilieges. you will be treated just like any other player. Rewards received from donations will not be recovered by our staff if stolen/lost/misplaced/dropped or traded.

All donations are for the current season only and they are not transfered to new servers.

If you do not agree to these terms, do not donate.

*By sending a donation, you agree to all the donation terms and its your own responsibility to know and understand them.


*All donations are used to maintain our servers cost, advertise our projects to offer you a better experience, some personal costs for example hardware for our machines  and other things related to to our project. The main purpose of our project is to keep this game alive a game we grown up with and we love so much. If a servers income exceeds our needs we will use them on feature project as we have in plans to open a totally no donate server for our community.


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