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Hello players , 

another year l2mafia.net team is here to provide you the best pvp experience an Interlude Lineage2 Server can offer [Ken Orwen x300].

This time he had some great news for you , something special that only a huge server like us can offer. 

Every 3 days top 3 clans will split the amount of 200 euro. 

1st clan – 90 euro

2nd clan – 70 euro

3rd clan – 40 euro

Top clans will be considered the 3 clans with the most reputation points. You can gain reputation points from:

  1. killing raidbosses on Imperial Tomb
  2. killing grandbosses
  3. killing players from war clans

*Event will start from day 1. ( Grand Opening )

*Event will last at least one month ( 2000 euro total payout )

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