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Hello dear players , 

As we promised we will make some gameplay updates. The first will go live at Sunday 29/04 2018. This Will Be The Fair Boss. A new boss with unique drop tattoo level 2. We named the boss “Fair” cause it will be really fair for all. The entrance in the boss will be allowed only to people that wear up to A grade. Also all enchants inside this zone will count to +6 and no augments will be allowed. Are you ready for some 100% fair pvp experience?Boss will be alive 2 times per day. Feel free to comment below with your suggestions about feature updates.

Boss Info

Name: Fair Boss

Drop: Tattoo Level 2

Drop Category: Last Hit And Most Damage (2 Drops )

Respawn Time: 12-15 Hours


MASS REWARD: 5 lucky squashes to everyone participated

l2mafia fair boss



l2mafia interlude lineage2 pvp – faction – stuck sub servers.


  • I think it would be great to attract more people to the server .. i wish the best for the KvN serv. Regars br0 🙂

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