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Hello dear players , 

one more post with details from our Koofs Vs Noovs Interlude Faction Server.  In this post we present you the bosses and their drops.

koofs vs lucky boss koofs vs lucky boss

Lucky bosses respawn every 1 hour and 30 minutes. They drop 1-300 adena and some other special items you can see ingame. Drops are x2. One for the most damage ( solo or party ) and one for the last hit.  Each faction have their own faction boss. When boss dies faction members participated on the fight will be rewarded with 10 adena. 

Faction Boss Lineage2

faction boss l2mafia

Valakas – The faction boss of our koofs vs noobs lineage2 faction server.

Valakas respawns every 13 hours , it is a faction boss. That means both factions  ( koofs and noobs ) will fight each other to benefit from valakas loot. Valakas will drop the same exactly drops with lucky bosses + the winning faction will be rewarded with 50 adena for each member. 


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