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In order to play on Interlude Lineage2 PvP Servers, you need to download the following patch:

Koofs Vs Noobs Patch (Choose One ):

l2mafia patch download

MegaUpload Mirror

l2mafia patch downlad

If You Dont Have Lineage2 Interlude Installed, You Can Download Our One Click Koofs VS Noobs Installer ( Installs Lineage2 Interlude + Koofs Vs Noobs Patch )

Interlude Client + Koofs Vs Noobs Installer:

l2mafia installer

 Fix Right Click Camera Reset

l2mafia right click fix

*add this file in your system folder

Improve Your Fps

l2mafia fps boost

*add this file in your system folder


Fix Connection Errors

The Archive Is Either In Unknown Format or Damaged Error Solution

You can Always Contact Our Support Team To Fix Any Error For You  =Contact us= Lineage Interlude PvP Servers – Faction – Stuck Subs Rank System Servers

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