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Ken Orwen Grand Opening

In order to play on L2mafia.net Interlude Lineage2 PvP Servers, you need an interlude client and our patch.

If you already have a Lineage2 Interlude Client you can download one of the following patch:

L2mafia Ken Orwen Patch:

l2mafia patch download

MegaUpload Mirror

l2mafia patch downlad

if you just want a clean Lineage2 Interlude client you can download it beloow:

Interlude Client



*if game stucks on SGuard loading screen please delete Guard.des file from system folder and run l2.exe again!

Reduce Graphic Lag + Critical Errors

  1. Put the following file in your system to increase cache DOWNLOAD
  2. Make these configs at game optionsl2mafia critical error
  3. Download and run the following file , after that restart your pc DOWNLOAD

Fix Connection Errors

The Archive Is Either In Unknown Format or Damaged Error Solution

You can Always Contact Our Support Team To Fix Any Error For You  =Contact us=

L2mafia.net Lineage Interlude PvP Servers – Faction – Stuck Subs Rank System Servers

Ken Owen x300 Grand Opening 1st October 2021

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