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Lineage 2 Mafia Network Information!

OPENED AT MONDAY 18.04.2011 18:00 Gmt +2
Ken Abigail Is the new and the best coded project of L2mafia NetWork Team!!
After years of work and experience we introduce you our server with it's UNIQUE Features:
Also, server is NO DONATE!

Xp rate: 100
Sp rate: 100
Adenna Drop : 200

This server is a totaly recoded server that changes the way you know l2 so far!!
Balanced Skills And Mid Rate Style PvP ( NO Star Wars Server )
Its Based At L2mafia Developers + Players Ideas And thats why its Unique!!

Main town is Gludin Town
Farm town is Talking Island.
Hunter's village is Olympiad zone
All Other Towns are NOT peaceful and are used For : Boss Farm Areas, PvP Areas (Dark Elven) , Clan Rep Gathering Areas.

Sieges performing every Day ( every day 1 castle siege 2 sieges at Saturday And Sunday)

Basic items obtained With Adenas but you will need 2 types of Medals for more Merchant Services:
Farm Medals : You gather them by farming outside of Talking Island and you can obtain with them some items like enchant scrolls ,tatoos(low stats) and BoGs
PvP Medals : You gather them when you pvp INSIDE our PvP Areas . 1 PvP kill = 1 PvP Medal ( that means 24/24 pvp )
You can obtain LS and Gold Dragons by the Custom Raid Boss located at Giran Town!

Custom Enchant System: Until +10 you enchant your items with normal scrolls ( farm medals). Success rate = 66%
From +10 to +16 you will need crystal scrolls (pvp medals). Success rate = 58% (item does not get crystalized )
Custom Casino Npc: You bet 20 medals pvp or pk and you can double them or loose them every time a player looses medals there is a jackpot amount increasing and if you lucky you may win the jackpot Hmm i dont wanna give more info you must see it ingame .

Rebirth System: When you get level 80 , you can go at appropriate NPC.Then , you can delevel yourself to 40 ,and you get a Gold Bar .You can use it,and gain passive + Patk/Pdef/Matk/Mdef .Stats are not OP ,and not stackable

TvT Event:You get PVP medal in each kill you get.Team reward is Farm medals.

Balance Improvements: Low stats Tatoos(for better balance) , no customs armors ,about weapons only dyna weapons with stats close to retail interlude weapons ) and much more balance fixes from our team(skill nerfs,cooldown at mana potions + more that you will see In Game!)

Custom item gold dragon: you click and you become hero for 2 hours or until you restart !! Gold dragon will give you hero skills only if you are noblesse otherwise you will just have the glow , the chat ability and the hero weapon wear ability

Castle owner's reward: If you have a castle,you will get various benefits for you and your clan.Not sure about what yet though

Fixed Geodata ,bugs: It's not like the other servers.Many bugs are fixed,and Geodata is quite good.

And many many more unique features i thing that it worths to join and test!!!
And remember NO DONATIONS!!
Server Hosted At L2mafia Networks Datacenter Provided By Ngz And Running On Linux

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